Heating Systems and Equipment

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We offer sales, installation and service of top brands like Peerless, Riello, Bock, John Wood, SuperStor and more. Aladdin Fuel sells and installs some of the world's most advanced heating systems, to homeowners, business and industry in Suffolk county, NY on Long Island. Our installers are highly trained and perform installations in accordance with manufacturer specifications to ensure the equipment works at peak efficiency.

Boilers - Furnaces and Burners

Aladdin heating experts will work closely with you to match your heating needs to the equipment that best meets those needs. We’ll work to design a heating system that will do the job, dependably, at the lowest cost possible. We are authorized dealers for some of the world’s leading heating equipment manufacturers, including Peerless, Crown, Hallmark and Riello.

Oil Tanks and Tank Enclosures
Don’t wait until it’s too late! If your oil tank is looking a bit rough and you worry about a costly cleanup from a tank leak, call us to discuss your options in replacement tanks. Aladdin Fuel Service carries durable, high-performance oil tanks by Roth and Granby Steel Tanks. We can also provide an added layer of tank protection via tank enclosures like the Tank Tub from Oil Storage Solutions.

Water Heaters
15% of a typical home's energy use is for hot water. Upgrading to a new super high efficient system will pay for itself over the years. If you run out of hot water too quickly or your water heater is more than 10 years old, give Aladdin a call and we'll evaluate your current system and explain your options.

If you heat your home by boiler, you can choose a direct oil-fired heater with a storage tank or an indirect water heater that utilizes the boiler for water heating and stores heated water in a tank so you’ll never run out again. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy recommends an indirect system or a combined heat/hot water system as the most efficient choice.

At Aladdin, we sell, install and service a wide range of water heater brands, including SuperStor, Bock and John Wood Aquaboosters.

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